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Slow News Week

June 21st, 2008 · 1 Comment · The Devs

At least it’s not a Good News Week, someone’s dropped the bomb somewhere, contaminating atmosphere and blackening the sky. It’s good news week, someone’s found a way to give the rotting dead a way to live and go on and never die.

But anyway, we’re not having that kind of week. Just a quiet one with most of the SR dev team on vacation, in pain, without internet or presumed dead. Which means that I’ve had quite a bit of spare time on my hands and yeah, even if I don’t have anything official to draw, I’m still drawing. And here’s the latest:

A Goth Warrior.

Drew it for kicks and rather quickly. I think he looks a bit petulant for a goth and less aggressive then I was aiming for but I ended up liking the coloring on the face too much to change the expression. And we don’t have an axe in the game… yet, so no spoilers. So, enjoy, and have a nice weekend.

If anyone wants to know what song I was quoting: Good News Week by Hedgehoppers Anonymous. Just a little 60s protest music for flavor.


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An Average Workday

June 11th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Soul Raver

An average workday at the satellite office.

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Welcome to the Wonderful World of evilmetaldork!

June 10th, 2008 · 3 Comments · The Devs

I’m kidding, it’s horrible. I am an unmitigated mess!

Here is my desk, it’s here somewhere. Warning, ugly 70s wallpaper.

I just collect papers, so many papers. I mean, I have a countless number of sketchbooks that are empty cause I grab some computer paper and start drawing and then abandon it on my desk where it piles up.

Notable things: my tablet. The pen for my tablet is in my mug along with um… some gloves for some reason. The sketches on my desk are actually covering more sketches that you can’t see cause they’re SR maps. My monitor is blacked out cause it was open to chat where the dev team was having a very serious business discussion. Basically, this whole space is unexplainable and I am a hobo.

But! I’m going to make it up to you. Faithful blog readers, do you ever wonder what I’m doing when I’m not drawing for Soul Raver?

…I’m drawing…for Soul Raver…

I’m trying out a new style. I’m trying to use fewer lines and also to speedpaint. I’m working on some other random stuff and to get my people not look so stiff in Photoshop. We’ll see how this goes, keep watching the blog for more random art.

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The Qwerzog LLC. Imaginary Offices

June 9th, 2008 · 5 Comments · The Devs

Today I started my first day “on the job”- working on Soul Raver for a fixed amount of time at my desk! I know it may seem strange that I treat this as a job, but it sure gives me work ethic. :

Here are some pictures of the “office”; aka my room. They’re also very large.

The first pic! This is basically the whole room, but you can’t really see the back right of the room or the closet in the far left. The centerpiece of the room is basically the desk here.

My desk. Yes, that is a monster I am drinking, and I am eating a delicious sandwich. I was also reading Mad before you barged in. (Yes, I am on the Soul Raver dev blog on the screen.)

Maybe other SR Devs will contribute their workspaces?

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This Is My Kind of Game, Soul Raver Is

June 5th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Site News, Soul Raver, The Devs

Hey all, TAC here.

Sorry that the development team has been slower then a bunch of turtles drowning in molasses, but it has been due to personal and other issues that the team has been down for the count. By the start of next week, most of the team should be ready to go for some serious work.

For me it’s been school and personal issues that I’ve been SR-asleep, but oh well. I’ll be officially ready to work on Monday (will be stranded from the internet over the weekend, and school ends tommorow). I want to not only finish the currently stale event,  I want to do some major content addition and rewriting. The old descriptions for most things lack funneh, but some stuff I do plan to leave. Also, I’ll be writing up a new event (but it probably won’t go in for awhile).

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Time for an Update

June 3rd, 2008 · 5 Comments · Site News, Soul Raver

Hey guys.

Serious work has been done in the past few days. Fyriole’s back and seems either not sick or well enough to work on the combat revamp. This combat revamp will (hopefully) include the ability to have non-combat adventures which will progress the qwerzog extinction event along.

Unfortunately, my epeen item has been put on hold for a while due to a few of the items involved with its creation being unobtainable for now. Though they may come back at the conclusion of the qwerzog event.

I’m going to see if I can update these pages more often, though only if I see a few more people commenting. Do you know how off-putting it is to write things in a blog and have no one comment on them. It’s like you’re talking to yourself. Ok, that’s enough begz0ring for one blog entry.

For now, you guys enjoy beating up coupon counters, collecting items and contributing to the forum community. I can guarantee that the things on the horizon are almost right in front of you.

-Enemy Lasagna

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Stuff in the Pipeline

May 23rd, 2008 · 1 Comment · Site News, Soul Raver

Hey guys.

I’m guessing that most of you are busy collecting coupons to try and get your name in lights on the leader board (despite all the robots taking the glory). Though I’m quite sure that it at some point, it gets a little dull and monotonous. So I’ve been working on something else. A brand new epeen!

This epeen item will be a lot more complicated than the previous ones. It will involve a lot of the current items in the game as well as over 30 new ones. Needless to say, it’s unlikely you will be able to do this one in a day. Note that the items that create this new epeen have not been implemented yet. Everything is planned out and all the pictures are drawn for all the new items involved. Though a couple of things need to be settled (spindler stuff) before I can start putting this in.

Don’t worry, we will let you know when everything’s in, and hopefully I won’t bugger it up as I navigate the shiny new interface satan has made for us non-coders to play with.

Let the hype begin!

-Enemy Lasagna

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Botting (And Why We Cry When You Do It)

May 16th, 2008 · No Comments · Coding, Site News, Soul Raver

(Let me just note that I will single out no one in particular. Even to those that botted that made me make this, I hold no grudge and am not mad (right now!))

According to Urban Dictionary, botting is defined as:

Name given to the ****** practise of holding the ***** in the ***** between the ******** and ********* until ****** is achieved. At no point is the **** *********.

Er… actually, according to Urban Dictionary, botting is defined as:

Automated gameplay. Generally by using programs to play games for you.

Lately players have taken to botting the game. Now, this isn’t a huge problem. We’ve got bandwidth to spare considering our popularity. You’re not cheating anybody either, because items get wiped all the time. Heck, you’re even helping find bugs. But let me say this now:


We will only allow botting after turns are implemented!

The few and only people ever allowed to bot were warned never to do it again when they did it. Although they did produce some good things for us, if we make this the rule to allow botting, we’ll run out of bandwidth faster then a greased up gaggle of gamers ganging up on to get gargantuan views on videos they have. One day we’ll be able to handle. Today is not that day, month, possibly year.

IF we make exception cases it is for devsters. But, IF we made exceptions for non-devs, everyone would do it, and then it would slowly go up. 1 adds up to a 100 quickly. So don’t do it, please.
Thanks for listening to this public announcement funded by the Federal Goverment Agency of No Botting in Soul Raver, Thank You (FGANBSRTY).

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An Important Discussion On Soul Raver

May 12th, 2008 · 10 Comments · Game Design, Site News, Soul Raver, The Devs

In Soul Raver, things are happening. Let me just take the time to inform our loyal players and fans what is going on in right now.

As it looks right now, an LLC is likely being formed for legal purposes and later ease when we decide to start paying our most prominent developers. This will likely only happen if we make a profit from donations later on, but right now this is not a big concern.

I would just like to take a stance on income. In Jick’s words, it would be irresponsible not to consider the bottom line when it comes to this. Right now, our hosting fees are minimal, but eventually we will need to move to a server (with the exorbitant fees that join along), we may ask for donations. But I want to note, the only benefit this will have on the player end is that, like KOL, it will give a decent item if traded in, but it won’t open “donation only content” or start a “subscription service”. This will remain free, but only as long as we get support when we need it most. I understand it is a touchy topic and just want to make it clear that Qwerzog, LLC. is not exactly going to be a faceless corporation anytime soon.

I would also like to discuss the state of the game. One too many comparisons have been drawn to the Kingdom of Loathing, and while I must agree, at this point these comparisons are unimportant, mostly because you must consider the state of the game. We are in SUPER, SUPER early alpha. Almost everything you see today might not exist in 2 months. So anyone saying the game isn’t original or is a KOL clone is not on the dev team and does not know what the final game will be like. At all.

The game will be unique in a lot of ways. Not just time traveling, but overall in story progression and whatnot. And let me assure you that any “speed game” this game will have will be quite a challenge. Spades will love it, too. In general, we will not be KOL. We will not be it’s shadow. I don’t want to say bad about KOL – it’s great, and hell, we were inspired by the creators, for gods sakes. But we still don’t want to just make a game by KOL players for KOL players (although there is room for that).

I’d also like to say that again, we will not be wiping accounts in the future. Only items. And when we declare ourselves in Beta (when we have some… basics.. set down…), the wipes will stop. So please don’t make duplicate accounts. Oh, and if you’re not Bashy or Boozerbear, stop making accounts in the names of KOL celebrities. Unless you can claim you’re the real deal, you will be banned fast.

Right now in the game, we are working on our tools to make sure the development enviroment is ready for the large amount of content the game will receive as we work towards releasing in beta. The way we’re working right now, we’re offering content for the players but will work on finalizing things like the College Campus and some quests!

So please, enjoy the game, but take its content’s finality with a grain of salt. We’re not done yet; not even close.


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May 11th, 2008 · No Comments · Coding, Game Design, Site News, Soul Raver

After several days of waiting, and several hours of hard work, I’ve finally gotten both the game and the forums working on our new site. Which is actually very exciting, as we’ll now be able to do alot more to the game in terms of editing, content addition, etc. The first addition should be a store, once we figure out which items should go in it. Also, look forward to the addition of a new epeen sometime in the near future.


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