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Botting (And Why We Cry When You Do It)

May 16th, 2008 · No Comments · Coding, Site News, Soul Raver

(Let me just note that I will single out no one in particular. Even to those that botted that made me make this, I hold no grudge and am not mad (right now!))

According to Urban Dictionary, botting is defined as:

Name given to the ****** practise of holding the ***** in the ***** between the ******** and ********* until ****** is achieved. At no point is the **** *********.

Er… actually, according to Urban Dictionary, botting is defined as:

Automated gameplay. Generally by using programs to play games for you.

Lately players have taken to botting the game. Now, this isn’t a huge problem. We’ve got bandwidth to spare considering our popularity. You’re not cheating anybody either, because items get wiped all the time. Heck, you’re even helping find bugs. But let me say this now:


We will only allow botting after turns are implemented!

The few and only people ever allowed to bot were warned never to do it again when they did it. Although they did produce some good things for us, if we make this the rule to allow botting, we’ll run out of bandwidth faster then a greased up gaggle of gamers ganging up on to get gargantuan views on videos they have. One day we’ll be able to handle. Today is not that day, month, possibly year.

IF we make exception cases it is for devsters. But, IF we made exceptions for non-devs, everyone would do it, and then it would slowly go up. 1 adds up to a 100 quickly. So don’t do it, please.
Thanks for listening to this public announcement funded by the Federal Goverment Agency of No Botting in Soul Raver, Thank You (FGANBSRTY).


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