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The Way Things Are

July 6th, 2008 · No Comments · Soul Raver, The Devs

I’m back from the Netherlands to see that my fellow devsters have been hard at work in my absence. They’ve figured out how the event will end (finally) and both satan and fyriole have been doing their fair share of coding wizardry.

I know it’s been a slow month, and I’m very glad so many of you are sticking with us. I can promise you all that before the end of the month, the even will end and my shiny new relic will be up. I recommend that you cooperate in figuring out the many combines of my relic, otherwise you will take quite some time to find it. And don’t forget to message me the moment you find it.

In other news, Holland was great. Discworldian was the hostess of the dutch meet, she made sure that everyone who was meant to be there was accounted for. I was around for before and after the meet which added up to a whole week which I might as well let you know what happened.

Thursday: Arrived in Arnhem, met up with Discy and her house mate Ifor (he forgot his KoL name so we call him Ifor as in, I forgot). Both of them are good people. They showed me around Arnhem and generally had a good time with them, also got acquainted with the cute little things which are Discy’s rats. Slept in a hostel which turned out to be a 30 minute hike away and was on the ONLY HILL IN ARNHEM. Go figure.

Friday: First day of meet, met some dutch KoLers, some for the first time, others I had met in KoLondon. All of them where bilingual except for me, they had fun watching me try and fail to understand dutch, so a good day all round. Slept in a hotel with two other KoLers, we ended up juggling until 4AM.

Saturday: Went to Nijmegen, spent the first part of the day playing general games in the dungeons of a game shop (like any good nerd should) then sat in the park with my fellow KoLers, did some more juggling and recorded the show with all of them contributing.

Sunday: Went to the Hague (or Den Haag) to meet up with another KoLer who we never actually found in the end, spent the day at some sort of festival, we hung around up until the point that it became a trash heap and decided the leave before the seagulls got nasty. Ate some falafels for the first time, their like vegetarian kebabs, I ruined mine by accidentally putting too much hot sauce on it and pretty much destroying my tongue. By the end of the experience, I had to throw it away, though after that, the mexican restaurant we went to was a walk in the park in terms of spiciness. Said goodbye to a lot of people since the meet had ended. Slept at Discy’s place due to running out of reservation at the hotel and not planning far enough ahead to get the hostel more reservation.

Monday: Discy took my to the sweet shop in town, bought a lot of delicious aniseed flavoured bears amongst other things. Didn’t do too much as discy was shattered, helped her pick out songs for her radio show on tuesday, and by help her pick out I mean suggested songs to her and have her say they were overplayed, and by that I mean axe. Slept at the hostel again, yay for 30 minute hikes up hill…

Tuesday: Went to Amsterdam with Zwing AKA Tonks, wondered through a very fun museum called NEMO which featured such things as giant bubble making and some other strange devices, I accidentally got electrocuted there, it took me a while to figure out why my hand was twitching and in pain. Wondered through the red light district (naturally) and past the brown cafés to get to a very good pancake restaurant which was near the Anne Frank house.

Wednesday: Went to the Hague (Den Haag) with Discy and Ifor to go to a concert of an artist that discy loves, before hand we walked around the Hague, I ate the most delicious herring that I ever dangled in front of me. The concert was a lot of fun once it got going with the main act, the drummer was extraordinary, he really knew how to keep the energy up and had a lot of fun doing it. It was a long cold trip back to Arnhem, and then a lonely walk through the cold misty road (uphill) to the hostel, I may have caught a cold walking up there at night, but meh.

Thursday: Said my final goodbyes to Discy and Ifor, bought a lot of aniseed confectioneries and started to get home. Slept in my bed which is in my room. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and I can’t wait until the Glasgow KoL meet.

-Enemy Lasagna


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